Achieve Fuller and Healthier Lashes with Keratin Lash Infusion

Achieve Fuller and Healthier Lashes with Keratin Lash Infusion

A Keratin Lash Lift is a safer, lower maintenance, and healthier alternative to lash extensions. The treatment also helps to strengthen your natural eyelashes.

A silicone rod is stuck to the upper eyelid, and your lashes are coated with a keratin formula.

You must avoid getting your lashes wet and not do activities that lead to sweating for 24 hours after the treatment.

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How it works

During the treatment, your esthetician will start by cleansing your eye area. They’ll then put a silicone rod on your eyelids and coat it in the keratin solution. The keratin will help to reshape your eyelashes and add a nice, natural-looking curve. The procedure can last 45 to 60 minutes and is painless.

Unlike a regular lash perm, a keratin lash infusion is less damaging and lasts twice as long! It’s also more hydrating and strengthens your lashes.

The patented treatment infuses REAL keratin into each eyelash, increasing its diameter by 40%. The result is a beautifully lifted, healthier, and more hydrated lash with no frizziness or odd-shaped ends. The treatment can be repeated as often as you want. You should avoid using waterproof mascara and an eyelash curler two days before your appointment. You’ll also need to keep your lashes dry for 48 hours after the treatment.


A keratin lash lift is an excellent choice for women who want to achieve fuller and healthier lashes. It is a low-maintenance treatment that lasts longer than lash extensions and is less expensive than getting lash fills every few weeks. It also provides a dramatic look without looking unnatural. You should schedule a keratin lash infusion every six weeks to keep your lashes healthy and beautiful.

Unlike traditional perms, the patented lash infusion treatment does not use harsh perm salts like sodium bromate and thioglycolate acid. It infuses natural keratin and increases the diameter of each lash by 40%. The keratin also closes and seals the lash cuticle so there is no frizziness or odd-shaped lashes.

While a keratin lash lift is safe for most people, it’s essential to ask your lash technician about the ingredients in their products. Some contain formaldehyde, which is a carcinogen that can damage your eyelashes. You should also avoid wearing makeup and using a lash curler after your appointment.

Side effects

While keratin is very popular in beauty treatments, there are some side effects to consider. It is not recommended for vegans or vegetarians as it is made from animal horns, bones, and feathers. It may also cause itching, redness, and irritation in the eye area. It is important to tell your lash technician about any allergies or sensitivities you have before the procedure.

After the treatment, avoid getting your lashes wet for 48 hours. This includes avoiding mascara, eye creams, and lash serums. It would help if you also refrained from using a lash curler because it can sabotage your lash lift.

A keratin lash infusion is a great way to get beautiful eyelashes without needing extensions or lash curlers. It can make your lashes look fuller, healthier, and less damaging than a traditional perm. In addition, it is an excellent option for people with naturally straight or thin lashes.


Unlike traditional eyelash perms, a keratin lash lift does not use chemical perm salts or thioglycolic acid and is safer for your lashes. However, you should avoid getting your lashes wet, especially after the treatment, as it can cause them to become dehydrated and frizzy.

The result is a beautiful and natural “pump-up” bra for your eyelashes, making them appear longer, thicker, and more dramatic. In addition, the keratin formula is gentle enough to be used on sensitive eyes. This treatment is an excellent alternative to eyelash extensions and can last up to six weeks before it needs to be repeated.

Keratin is a protein that occurs naturally in your hair, nails, and skin. It is found in the outer layer of your hair and helps it maintain its strength and shine. It is also found in your skin, where it helps protect the cells from damage. Moreover, it is an excellent ingredient for cosmetics because it contains no harsh chemicals.