Dolce & Gabbana Beauty

Enter the World of Dolce & Gabbana Beauty

For decades, luxury consumers have turned to Dolce & Gabbana for the finest Italian haute couture clothing, enjoying the sophistication and craftsmanship that is infused in each piece. As the fashion house has grown, leaders have found new ways to offer people an elegant experience. With the expansion of the company’s makeup products, lovers of high-end style can indulge in a beauty line like no other.

Beauty the Dolce & Gabbana Way

Dolce & Gabbana is known for embracing a timeless and high-end feeling and that carries through with the makeup line. The beauty products include mascara, lip color, face powder and more items you may be used to seeing in makeup collections, but done the Dolce & Gabbana way. Each product gives you a sense of understated glamour; the colors and textures are rich without being overbearing.

The launch of Dolce & Gabbana’s beauty line also marks a big step forward for the fashion world. The company is the first Italian fashion house to operate an in-house beauty line rather than execute licensing deals with other makeup companies. It’s a decision that gives Dolce & Gabbana the power to create products that will always meet the standards and desires of loyal customers.

This makeup isn’t just beautiful; it’s also sustainable. Designers have made the most of upcycled and renewable ingredients. The line also features many vegan ingredients, allowing everyone to feel good about the products they’re using.

The Devotion Collection

The Devotion Collection leads to company’s way into this new space. Beauty enthusiasts can enjoy creamy liquid lipstick mousse in nine romantic shades, including nudes, pinks and reds. Pair it with the Extreme Volume Mascara for a dramatic look. Bring the entire look together with the Illuminating Face Powder and take on the world with a glow that radiates confidence and sensuality.

The design of each package adds to the luxury experience. The items in the Devotion Collection all feature the brand’s well-known Sacred Heart design. Whether it’s a lipstick or the face powder, picking up a Dolce & Gabbana beauty product lets you know you’re in for a high-end experience.

Sharing Beauty With All

Getting a chance to try out the beauty products Dolce & Gabbana makes has been limited until now. Initially, customers traveled to boutiques or the legendary Harrods department store to shop. In a move to give even more people the chance to add a bit of luxurious romance to their beauty routine, stores in the USA and other locations will start carrying these unique products.

Embrace Romance & Elegance With Dolce & Gabbana Beauty

The world of fashion doesn’t stop with clothes and jewelry. Every day, people use makeup to express themselves and highlight their personalities. Just as Dolce & Gabbana has done for decades with fine Italian fashions, the company is now bringing a feeling of elegance, romance and grandeur to the world of makeup.