How to Use Vape Tricks to Enhance Your Vaping Experience

How to Use Vape Tricks to Enhance Your Vaping Experience

Vaping tricks are a great way to show off your skills and add flair to your vaping experience. These tricks can be difficult for beginners, but repeated practice will help perfect your technique.

You can also try blowing bubbles with your vapor for a more remarkable effect. It might take a while to master this trick, but it’s worth the effort.

Triangle Lick

Vape tricks are a great way to show off your skills in front of friends or impress them at an event. These vape best tricks can be pretty tricky to master, but you will get better with repeated practice. These vape tricks are also a great way to keep yourself entertained while you vape.

You will need a plastic bottle with the bottom cut off and a bowl of soapy water to perform this trick. You will also need a good quality vape pen with low resistance coils and high wattages. This trick requires precise timing, so you should practice it in front of a mirror before you try to perform it in public.

The first step is to blow a dense O ring of vapor. While it floats, push it with your hand and tap on the space on one side. This will rotate the ring and turn it into a triangle. You can then repeat the process to make it look even more impressive. This is a great trick for those bored of regular O rings and want to step up their game.

Ghost Inhale

Vape tricks are great for adding something extra to your smoke circle or impressing your friends. One of the most popular and most accessible tricks to do is Ghost Inhale, which involves creating a tight ball of vapor and then sucking it back in. It’s a cool trick that looks like a ghost flying in front of your face and makes you look skilled.

When performing the Ghost Inhale, how you purse your lips is essential as it determines how much vapor you can push out. You can try to pursue them in an O shape, as shown above, or you can try to make them slightly more closed for a smaller O face. Using the proper force with your tongue also affects how far your vapor travels.

The more force you use, the farther your vapor will travel, so it’s essential to practice with different amounts of pressure until you find the perfect piece. Getting the hang of this trick will allow you to create a more enormous, denser cloud that’s easier to capture and looks more refined.

French Inhale

The French Inhale is a classic trick that takes some practice to master. Start by taking a large puff of smoke and holding it in your mouth. Keep your lips taut so they don’t let any smoke escape. Then, slowly release the smoke. Be careful not to inhale the smoke into your lungs; you want it to rise and create an O-shaped cloud.

Then, touch your bottom to your upper lip and let the smoke pass through the small spaces between your teeth. This is where the magic happens! The ring of smoke will bend into a jellyfish-like shape, and you’ll look like a vaping genius.

Another cool trick that impresses your friends is the Waterfall, a Dragon Breath. You’ll need a decent-sized puff to perform this one, but it’s easy enough for beginners. To start:

  1. Hold a large gust of vapor in your mouth.
  2. Exhale it out into a glass or container.
  3. When the steam builds up, tip the glass over to pour out the enchanting Waterfall of smoke.


The Waterfall is one of the most incredible vape tricks you can perform, but it also takes some practice. The key to this trick is timing. You have to exhale a thick pool of vapor and tap it with your hand at just the right moment, and you will see the ring change shape into a beautiful triangle. Once you master this trick, you will look like a wizard mixing up some magic potion for your fellow vapers to admire.

Another cool trick that requires a bit of practice is the Tornado. This trick is similar to the Waterfall but adds an extra step. The idea is to blow a significant, even circle of vapor and then blast a narrower ring through the middle of the slower, more comprehensive process. This creates a vortex of smoke that looks just like a jellyfish.

While performing some of these tricks with any device is possible, it is best to use a high-VG e-liquid for the most realistic results. This will help you get those thick plumes of vapor that turn into rings and jellyfish, making them easier to see and more impressive. Also, a tank with low-resistance coils is preferable for these tricks to achieve higher airflow and better cloud density.


A tornado is a violent rotating column of air that extends from a thunderstorm to the ground. They can destroy buildings, uproot trees, and hurl vehicles hundreds of yards away. The most potent tornadoes have wind speeds up to 300 mph, which can be deadly for those in their path. Tornadoes can form in a traditional funnel shape, in slender rope-like forms, or in a churning, swirling appearance resembling smoke.

The Dragon trick is a cool beginner-level vaping trick that will make you look like a mythical creature! To perform this trick, take a decently-sized pull from your vape and purse your lips. Then, move your lips around to create gaps on either side of your mouth, and exhale the vapor through your nose and mouth simultaneously. This will produce four distinct plumes of smoke that will look impressive.

Another cool trick to try is the Bane Inhale. This requires precision control over your cloud formation and inhaling technique, but it will look imposing once you get it down. This trick is also great for showing off your skills and entertaining your friends!