We snagged a major steal on tickets to Rome last fall and today we’re jetting off! It’s kinda weird booking trips so far in advance. With so much going on, I forgot about it and didn’t start getting excited or planning anything until a few weeks ago. So, there may be a lack of blog posts for a couple weeks… but come tag along with me on IG! And if you have any Euro beauty must haves, PLEASE share! The Italian pharmacy is taunting me.

Before heading off I want to share with you the moisturizer that got me through winter: Power Lift. One of the few Hydropeptide products I had yet to try for myself. Being a rich moisturizer my skin can only handle it during dry months, or maybe once in a while when I overuse retinol. It’s pretty fantastic for rehydrating after drying out your skin from over exfoliating. Now that we have humidity in the air again it’s too rich for my skin… honestly, knowing I can’t use it is disappointing. Sad face, womp womp, etc.


A coworker has raved about this stuff forever, and I totally get it. This magical little jar packs a punch for dry skin! It’s insanely hydrating without the greasy feel, and it manages to feel lightweight as nourishing as it is. I wish I could use it year round!

Hyaluronic acid hydrates deeper layers of the skin, pineapple ceramides replenish the barrier, shea butter nourishes, and rice bran acts as a sealant.

but it does more than just hydrate… loaded with antioxidants and peptides, it’s still a workhorse of a cream.

You have peptides to reduce lines and wrinkles by actually relaxing your facial muscles, kinda like Botox. Another acts like retinol without the side effects. And another one lifts and firms.

Oh, and did I mention it brightens? Like, this moisturizer gives you your brightest, most dewy skin. Flawless, for real.

So, it’s an anti-aging moisturizer for dry or mature skin. Worried about premature aging or seeing signs of aging? It’s worth putting in the rotation.

love, love, love.

Really. LOVE.

Power Lift will run you $98 and can be found at the usual suspects: SkincareRX, Dermstore, and Skinstore.

*Power Lift provided by Hydropeptide