Not the prettiest photo but it’s one of the realest you’ll find on the blog, as I quite literally grabbed everything as is from my nightstand. The part that isn’t real? The fact this isn’t shot in my bedroom because it’s a dark, unphotogenic room and only showing a handful of crystals… as opposed to a dish full of them.

My nightstand is definitely overcrowded, each item lives there 7 days a week, minus The Charisma Myth as reading material shifts. TBH I barely got through a chapter before switching to something else. It’s a good book…just not what I was into that week. I’m a self-help book addict but can hardly spare enough time to work through them!

my nightstand necessities

I’m terrible at remembering to journal but I find writing therapeutic and incredibly helpful in processing life. Keeping a reminder on my calendar helps, in addition to keeping my journal bedside. I love using Bando notebooks for journaling, they’re cute and happy and make the (sometimes) daunting task enjoyable. In the middle is a giant “Your Face is Like Sunshine” note, how can you not love?!

Obv keeping crystals nearby with my favorite Voluspa candle I’ve mentioned over and over again also sets the mood, you know?

relaxing mists are musts

So simple, and I LOVE them. I’m at a place where I find aromas uplifting, relaxing, and they can really help adjust my mood.

While at Indie Beauty Expo back in May I picked up an Aura Mist in Peaceful Spirit ($16), it’s my go to when I feel anxious/on edge. The BF thinks every essential oil blend smells like rotting wood, so the fact he likes This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray ($29) is a win. I have no trouble falling asleep at the drop of a pin, however, he finds the spray helps him unwind in the evening.

there are beauty things too, duh

Some of these look familiar, no doubt. I love each but if I don’t leave them next to the bed I will legit forget to use them!

I’m on jar #3 of Shangpree Pearl Hydrogel Eye Mask ($60), I think. I may have lost count. The same could be said of Nuxe Reve de Miel Honey Lip Balm ($12.71), so happy to have been reunited with this good stuff.

A fairly new addition to the nightstand, Parodi Daily Moisturizing Hand Cream ($18) is one of the best hand creams I’ve tried. I received the cream as a PR sample, the brand creates products with professionals in mind and it delivers. You would think my hands would stay soft 24/7 since they’re constantly in oils, but I’m also constantly sanitizing. Dryness isn’t an issue when I remember to use Parodi, which is why it stays bedside!

Moral of the story? Memory is key in what ends up on my nightstand haha!

What are your nightstand must haves?! Do you rotate products or are you loyal to the same items? I’m such a loyalist without even intending to be! xx