I’ve never been one to make new years resolutions, 2017 wasn’t any different. Mid-January I began several lifestyle changes: I ( for the most part ) cut out alcohol,  started obsessing over health food and supplements, made self-care a focus. A complete overhaul in how I live. Now in July my mind and body just feel better, anxiety and feeling sluggish are both gone.

my obsession with health food is still going strong

It all started with green smoothies every AM, then I was introduced to adaptogens, shortly followed by a Thrive Market addiction.

So when I stumbled upon Pearl Butter,  a mixture of coconut meat, herbs, and adaptogens ( everything you want to know about adaptogens explained here ),  it became an instant fave. It’s basically a health foodie’s dream: sugar and dairy free, organic, and freakin’ delicious.

100% not sponsored at all, I can’t get enough of this stuff!

I started with Bliss Butter, a blend to uplift your mood with 13 adaptogens and some fancy berry I’ve never heard of. I loved it so much I grabbed Beauty Butter next, a combo of pearl and pitaya.

They’re super versatile, guilt free, and pretty! You can eat these butters straight out of the jar, mix in coffee and smoothies, put on pancakes and waffles… I mean anything. I’ll pop a jar into the microwave for 30 secs and drizzle away! I swear it can make your smoothie taste like a milkshake.

Load them up with all the cocoa nibs, berries, seeds and a heavy drizzle of warm Pearl Butter. The reason it’s so good??? Once Pearl Butter cools down you can break it up into the most delicious chunks of coconut magic. I don’t even know how to explain the texture… kinda like brittle but softer? It totally takes your yogurt bowl to the next level. Easily my favorite snack that’s sweet enough to be dessert and healthy enough to curb guilt.

meet Kati Holland, the brain child of Pearl Butter


Once I heard Kati’s story, I had to share it with you guys!

Pearl Butter came to be through her own healing journey.

Shortly after being prescribed birth control for acne ( like every other friend we know ) her lymphatic system was under attack, a rare side effect of the contraceptive. Hopping from one doctor to the next, she was told she would have to live with her illness. Not one to take suffering for an answer, she began looking for alternative medicine options where the message was totally different. Eastern therapists told her the problems could be resolved! It would take time but it was 100% possible.

Kati will be the first to tell you not ALL alternative therapies work, skepticism is healthy. The wellness world is still an industry filled with practitioners preying on vulnerability, and it’s up to us as the consumer to do our research and practice caution… as with many aspects of life.

Through Kati’s journey, she found therapies to heal her body, ranging from lymphatic treatments to Chinese Medicine and adaptogens. Each of her Pearl Butters are created with herbs she found helpful throughout her treatment, crushed pearl being one of them! Pearl is loaded with amino acids, a building block of protein. Her purple Bliss Butter can aid in anxiety, something so many of us struggle with. I personally throw Bliss Butter into smoothies on days I feel I need some mood lifting.