Writing about Nuface is long overdue. I’m pretty sure I promised this to a few people at least a year ago… never the less here are ALL the tips and tricks to getting the most out of your microcurrent device!

When it comes to at-home beauty devices Nuface is one of the few I believe is worthy of investment. They’re expensive but they work, and the battery lifetime is solid. I’ve had mine for 4 or 5 years and it’s only now beginning to lose juice. My mom used one consistently with a goal of tightening her jawline, and it really did the job! I was impressed.

Fair Warning: this post is long. It probably should have been broken up into two… but ain’t nobody got time for that.

what even is microcurrent?

Nerdy stuff comes first, then we’ll get into all the juicy details.

Microcurrent produces rapid fibroblast cell reproduction, the cell responsible for producing collagen. Basically, microcurrent gets your cells working double time, creating healthy collagen producing cells. You’re also receiving the benefit of healing and regenerating tissue, draining lymph and de-puffing, and it’s both corrective and preventative.

Microcurrent can reconstruct and re-educate muscle tissue, stimulate and speed up connective tissue fiber growth, collagen, and elastin, and increase the supportive network of the skin. The technology has been around for ages and has a continued presence in treatment rooms for a reason. List off your favorite celebrity esthetician and you’ll likely see microcurrent among their beauty tools.

In addition to promoting collagen and elastin, it increases ATP production–the vitality of your cells. Since microcurrent mimics your own biological current the treatment restores this action in your skin, telling it to regenerate. It’s kinda like pilates for your face.

The downside? You’ve gotta be consistent. If I remember correctly you’re supposed to use the device nearly every day for 60 days then taper off into maintenance mode.  This is a commitment, it’s not for everyone in that regard. I personally use mine when I’m breaking out, feeling puffy, or want my skin at its best for an event.

the benefits you might see

I say MIGHT because everyone is different. Some people see a drastic change, others minimal. There are some who say it extends the life of Botox. If your facial muscles are where they should be you won’t see major lift, but you’re practicing prevention by working the muscles, producing collagen cells, and getting the blood flowing.

While face lifting and toning are the keystone benefits, you may also notice a reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness, even skin tone and improved circulation, increased lymphatic drainage (which I personally believe helps with my acne flare ups), deeper hydration, smooth skin, and tightened pores.

I’ve even seen it shrink a bump someone was going to have a Derm remove, all in one treatment. I’m not saying this device will fix all of your problems, I’m just saying it’s really cool.

the tips & tricks for Nufacin’

My FAVORITE thing to do is layer products with Nuface! Microcurrent actually increases product penetration, so taking advantage of that is a no-brainer.

You need a conductor gel for the current to do its job, something water based. So why not use something nice with ingredients to feed your skin? You can use aloe, a hydrating mask, or any water based product fairly thick. You don’t want it to dry too quickly. Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, antioxidants, peptides, growth factors, and stem cells.

Avoid acids and retinol! You don’t want to penetrate these deeper into the skin. Any ingredient that exfoliates or dries out your skin, skip it. Seriously, I’ve given myself a chemical burn… you don’t want in on that.

My favorite conductors are Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective Mask and DermaTruth Antioxidant Peptide Gel Cream–even though it’s face cream it works nicely as a mask and loaded with good stuff.

Pro Tip: if you feel a tingle or uncomfortable twitch, you need more mask

Maybe one day I’ll finally get the equipment to create my own video but today isn’t the day SOOOOOO if you’re unsure on how to Nuface there’s YouTube. You can give yourself a killer brow lift by working the brow muscle, or contour by lifting under your cheekbones. Try it!

I love giving myself a proper facial with microcurrent. A double cleanse, gentle exfoliation, deep hydration and product penetration with Nuface, a little facial massage, and finishing off with a moisturizer. The best DIY facial. Your face will appear thinner from de-puffing, contouring, and forehead lines minimized. PRAISE.

what NOT to do

  • If you have Botox or fillers wait 7 days before using microcurrent.
  • Some see a flashing light, so if you’re prone to seizures/epilepsy avoid Nuface.
  • Don’t use retinol, exfoliants, or drying ingredients with the device. It’s totally fine after, you don’t want it penetrating anything more deeply.
  • Don’t use products with oils, otherwise the current won’t be able to do it’s job